Jane Friedhoff

Creative Code | Games + Play

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Selected Experience

  • Creative Technologist (Contractor), Google Creative Lab, July 2017 - present

    On contract with Google to prototype and develop delightful, engaging, and future-thinking experiments for the Google Creative Lab. Most recently developed three of the thirteen flagship projects for the new AR Experiments platform: Blocks Thrower, Hidden World, and the open-source Portal Painter. Also developed the Creative Lab's AR music video for Grace Vanderwaal's Moonlight.

  • Board Member, Death By Audio Arcade, 2017 - present

    A 501c3 non-profit that empowers New York City's independent games culture by partnering with local developers, hackers, and artists to make custom arcade cabinets for locally-developed games.

  • Developer-In-Residence, New York University's Game Innovation Lab, 2017 - present

    Independent explorations in experimental game development.

  • Creative Researcher, The Office For Creative Research, 2016 - 2017

    Developed data visualizations and tools to promote data literacy. Projects included the Elephant Atlas, a data visualization and exploration platform in collaboration with the Great Elephant Census; the v2 of Floodwatch, a platform to help people uncover, interpret, and understand data about how advertisers are tracking them; and the St Louis Maproom, a community space for creating and exploring original, interpretive maps of the city that reflect the personal stories and lived experiences of its residents.

  • Creative Technologist, The New York Times R&D Lab, 2013 - 2016

    Developed prototypes with emerging technologies to explore the social and cultural impact of these technologies on the future of news and media. Projects included Madison, a crowdsourcing project to uncover new metadata about the company's extensive archives of historical advertisements, Particles, a research project and set of prototypes about collecting metadata and its impact on news publishing and platform flexibility, and Membrane, an experiment in permeable publishing.

  • Cofounder & Professor, The Code Liberation Foundation, 2013 - 2015

    Cofounded an organization that teaches women of all experience leves how to program games for free. Designed and developed open-source lesson plans, slides, and sample code in openFrameworks, C++, Processing, Unity, and GameMaker. Taught classes on basic game programming as well as more advanced subjects like Open Sound Control and Kinect.

  • Lead Level Designer & AI Programmer, Golden Ruby Games, Summer 2013

    Designed and programmed levels and enemy AI in C# for Hermit Crab In Space, which later won the Sony GameJam and became an Indiecade nominee.


  • MFA, Design + Technology

    Parsons, The New School 2011 - 2013

    Graduated with honors

    Dean's Merit Scholarship

  • BA, Independent Study in Sustainable Development

    Columbia University, 2006 - 2010

    Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Publications + Citations

Commissions & Residencies

  • PlayTime, The Peabody Essex Museum, 2018 (Lost Wage Rampage)
  • Games Graffiti, Play NYC Commission Recipient (1 of 5), 2017 (Salmon Roll: The Upstream Team)
  • Developer-In-Residence, New York University's Game Innovation Lab, 2017 - present
  • No Quarter, New York University, 2014 (Slam City Oracles)

Exhibitions and Shows

Talks and Panels

Interviews, Writings, and Press

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  • Mashable ("This game tells the gender wage gap to f*ck off, and it's exactly what we needed"), February 2018
  • Anait (Thelma & Louise: The Game), February 2018
  • Hey Poor Player ("Itch.io has got a winner when it comes to Lost Wage Rampage"), February 2018
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  • Web Development

    Javascript/jQuery/ReactJS, Node, Go, Mongo, HTML+CSS

  • Creative Coding

    Unity/C# (Desktop/Android), openFrameworks/C++, MaxMSP, Processing/P5.js, Git, some shader experience

  • Visual & UX Design

    Adobe Suite, Sketch, OmniGraffle, rapid prototyping, sketching & wireframing, user testing